Smart Home 2035

September 2015

European Food Trends Report

Bits over Bites: Food Consumption in a Digital World

Joppe Berlin designed another report published by the GDI. We also created a unique look for illustration. It was fun playing around with food.


March 2015

The Digital Revolution Is Coming! New Issue GDI Impuls.

Van Vincent Created cool (Almost Non-Digital) Images for GDI Impuls!

20. November 2014

The Next Bio – Everything Made by Hand!

Creating this study for REWE "Ja! natürlich" and GDI was a lot of fun. We came up with the concept

for the illustrations to make actual cut outs and take pictures of them. It took us much longer then

we thought but we very much enjoyed doing some work away from our computers.

03. November 2014

The future of a networked society! A study by Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for Swisscom

16. August 2014

And now: the future! New issue GDI Impuls is out.

Measuring the world. Our photographer for GDI Impuls Michael Tewes got it right!

Let's celebrate! Fest am Kulturforum

We adapted the design to various communication materials.

May the "Fest" be a big success.

23. May 2014

Make music on your own!

New issue of 128 Magazine. Right after we sent the magazin-data to the printer,

Annette sent her daughter to music class.

So get this issue and you will learn what music can do to you, and much,

much more.

18. May 2014

A new red bike from Holland – no, no, from Shutterstock

One day a nice woman from Shutterstock called and announced a thank-you
gift, a bicycle. Couples of weeks later, it really was delivered. Yeah!

And by the way, the model is Annette and the Rolls-Royce is related to the
Sage Restaurant, if anybody was wondering.

28. April 2014

New music label, new corporate design – press folder

We adapted the new "Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings" corporate design rules

to a press folder.

09. December 2013

Global-thought-leader 2013/14. The new GDI Impuls issue.

14. November 2013

Silent night? The third issue of 128 from the Berliner Philharmoniker

28. October 2013

1000 shades of we. New photo serie for GDI Impuls.

We couldn't not share this photo serie created by the great and utterly talented Jan von Holleben.

28. October 2013

Autumn is getting colorful. Third issue in 2013 of GDI Impuls.

21. October 2013

Switzerland in one picture.

Visual concept and design for the latest GDI-study "Die Zukunft des Tiefbaus" (the future of civil and underground engineering).

With tremendous love for detail Frances Franzke created a complex picture of swizterland's infrastructure.

The raw model for the big city was Zurich.

18. October 2013

Our winning team! GDI Impuls got a red dot award!

20. August 2013

50 years Berliner Philharmoniker – congratulations on your anniversary. It was a pleasure to create this special issue. And thanks again for the delicious cake.

13. June 2013

New Issue GDI Impuls is out!

10. June 2013

Music was my first love! We will design the future issues "128" of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

"128: that’s the name of the new magazine of the Berliner Philharmoniker which corresponds to

the number of musicians in the orchestra. This stylishly designed and lavishly produced magazine

is aimed at Berliner Philharmoniker and classical music fans all over the world. 128 is published

four times a year."

01. June 2013

Who cares about bad weather, when the good news keep on coming in? The German Design Council nominated us for their popular design award 2014 for GDI Impuls.

13. May 2013

Music: no problem. Underwear: no way.

Visual concept and design for the latest GDI-study "Sharity". Talking about sharing, here is a

double page spread graphic from the study showing what we share and what we rather not share.

18. March 2013

New Issue of GDI Impuls is out! Do you love it, or do you love it not, do you love it, …?

22. February 2013

iF design award night

We want to thank the iF Design jury for choosing us for this amazing award and for an excellent night.
It was very inspiring to celebrate and talk to other high-carat designers from all around the world.

12. November 2012

We are delighted to let you know that – out of over 1000 – our design for the GDI Impuls has won an iF communication design award 2013.

The iF comunication design award has been among the top national and international awards.

Those who are successful here, have delivered an outstanding piece of communication design.

Entries are assessed according to criteria such as target audience-specific communication and

content, design quality and creativity, customer relevance, cost effectiveness, originallity and


27. September 2012

The wonderful book "Deutschland Verstehen" (Understanding Germany) is out, with information graphics all about Germany from Ralph Grauel und Jan Schwochow. Joppe Berlin contributed 4 double page spreads. Our tip: get it, get it, get it!

06. February 2012

First time cover of GDI Impuls without having a spot varnish. Instead we used a glamorous gold lamination.

Dieses Heft ist zwei Vermögen wert! (This magazine is worth two fortunes!)

Gold stands for wealth and money, at the same time it stands for ability and talent.

This is what the issue is about the future of what you have: your possession.

And what you are able to do: your potential.